The Reason I Wanted Directv

September 15th, 2016

After I heard my kids arguing for the umpteenth time over the TV, I knew that I finally had to check the Directv availability for our area. The only reason I had put it off for so long was because I thought that it was going to be expensive. I had never looked into it before, but I figured that a company that had to put equipment into outer space over a company that had to put equipment not even a foot in the ground was going to be a lot more expensive.

I don’t understand the logistics of it, but I was wrong. The pricing for Directv is actually a lot cheaper than what the cable company was wanting to charge, and that is even before any promotions kicked in. The main reason I wanted to get Directv is so we would be able to have peace and quiet in the house. The cable box was only able to record two shows at one time, and that caused more arguments than anything else in the house because there are the three kids, plus my husband likes to record a lot of programming too.

With the Directv DVR setup, we would be able to record multiple shows at once. Instead of just two, we would be able to record five and even watch another one while they are being recorded. Also, it did not matter where they were recorded from. If I record something in our bedroom, or in the living room, or in my daughter’s room, I am able to watch that same programming on any of the other TV sets in the house. Ever since getting Directv, we have had fewer fights in the house, and it is just so much more peaceful now. I am even able to record a few of my own shows again!


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