Why Kurdish Films Are Becoming More Popular

August 20th, 2012

 ... » Blog Archive » The Art of Black & White Film PhotographyKurdish films are becoming more and more popular in English speaking communities. People are looking for something new and fresh that does not follow the same old tired plots that Hollywood dishes out time and time again. There are even large Kurdish film festivals in English speaking countries like England.

One such event is the London Kurdish Film Festival. This is now in its seventh year. The festival features many full length films, as well as short films and some documentaries. Many films make their world premiere at this festival. Kurdish director Hiner Saleem is well known is the Kurdish film industry and has participated in every one of the London Kurdish Film Festivals since they first started in 2001.

People love the real emotions portrayed in these films. They feature realistic and, in the case of documentaries, true stories and plots. They offer all the traditional fares as well like romance or gritty realism or even adventure.

A few recent gyms of Kurdish Films are listed below.

One fine film about a journalist is PRESS, by Sedat Y?lmaz. This journalist works in an Amed office of a newspaper as well a 5 other people he works with. It is selected for the Golden Orange award.

Lost Freedom is another great film by Umur Hozatl?. J?TEM is a very brutal Turkish organization. This film portrays the dark side of this organization in a way that resonates.

Wenda is a low budget film by Abdullah Ya?a, Ali Kemal Ç?nar and M.Sait Korkut. These fine young directors bring stories of the atrocities of J?TEM in the 1990s.

Some Southern Kurdish films include MANDOO by Ebrahim Saeedi, KICK OFF by Shawkat Amin Korki, THE NIGHT OF JUDGEMENT by Hussain Sewdin, THE QUARTER OF SCARECROWS and QANDIL MOUNTAINS by Taha Karimi by Hassan Ali. These are all very powerful films.


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